Important Information

The ProRecover should not be used if you have been fitted with a pacemaker, during pregnancy, if you have existing DVT, cardiovascular problems or epilepsy.

If you have any internal metal fixations, including hip and knee replacements, or screws and plates to fix bone fractures in the lower body, they must be made from titanium. It is not safe to use the ProRecover with any of the above made from any other metal. You must consult with your GP before using the device if you have any other health conditions. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for more information.

The ProRecover will not work with prosthetic limbs and is not suitable for lower limb amputees. This is due to the device needing to circulate the electrical pulses from one-foot plate to the other via each leg.

Batteries for the device and remote are not included.

The ProRecover does not vibrate. If you cannot feel the micro pulses when you start using the device, try increasing the level of the pulses, or using your hands to test it. The conductivity can be affected if you have dry skin on the bottom on your feet. This can be rectified by using a water based moisturiser.

You can download a copy of the instructions here